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 Born out of our love of Bourbon and fine wine, The Canton Club Vault is the place where members can gather for an exclusive and unique experience.


 Step back in time to the prohibition styled "Speakeasy." These illegal operations were prevalent in Canton's "Redlight District" during the early 1900's, and sold bootlegged alcohol to their habitué.

 A discreet, side door entrance from The 19thHole indoor golf venue, allows our members to come and go as they please with the comfort of privacy.

 Enjoy craft cocktails or purchase and collect fine spirits by the botttle and secure them in your very own safety deposit locker, located inside the vault. They are yours to enjoy when you stop in for an important meeting or simply a night on the town.

The Canton Club Diebold Vault Door



First National Bank Building Post Card

Since 1896, "Sicilian Black Hands" used the city of Canton as a midway point between Chicago and New York. Canton and the surrounding Stark County area became a hub for mafia operations, it earned a reuptation for violent crime and was later given the nickname, "Little Chicago." Mafia influences were a strong presence in the area, up through World War II.

Since 1907, the members-only "Canton Club" was revered as the premier member only lounge and dinner club in town having serveed some of the most notable and affluent individuals of that time including Al Capone.


The Canton Club moved to the First National Bank building at Tuscarawas Street and Market Avenue in 1923. The original club was restricted to men only until 1983. After nearly 100 years of success, membership dwindled and it was forced to close its doors in 2000. 


Today, we are pleased to bring the rich history of Downtown Canton back to life with the reopening of the Canton Club. An orginal Diebold Vault, sat empty in the basement of building for years. The Vault has since been renovated and restored into the new lounge space for The Canton Club Vault.

Inside The First National Bank Vault
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